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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a place where you can share a need and receive prayer from the WCIC Community. You can also pray for others. If you do, be sure you click the "Pray For" button so the person knows you prayed for them. You can even send your prayer or a word of encouragement through a comment.

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Daughter and family


My daughter, her husband and 17 month old daughter just moved from AZ. They have found a house but need a stove, refrigerator, washer and dryer. They have been given a couch but could use some other furniture. They have their bedroom furniture. Pray that they can get settled in and have enough money to get water and Cilco on. Also pray for my son. He is in need of a car in order to get back and forth to work. Right now he drives my car, which at times gets very inconvenient. He is also looking for a different job. Thank you and God bless.

Prayer for my son & his daughter and my daughter

Mom of 5 and more

The next couple weeks we are in need of extra pray. My 9 year old daughter has to have an EEG and a MRI 8 days apart. We are praying for positive results & peace for my daughter she gets anxious before test especially when they involved needles. My son needs prayer for him and his little girl. He is going to court for joint custody what he has had basically since March, but there is also child support involved. We are praying for favor from the judge and things to be fair. He doesn't mind paying for things for his daughter, he takes care of things she needs when it is his week, but he doesn't have as much $$ as the mom. She is getting WIC and IPA for health insurance and she just won a law suit where she has a lot of money. We need prayers for PEACE over this situation and angels around my grandchild and the judge to be fair to both parents. My son gets nervous about these things too. Thanks for all the prayers, our family greatly appreciates it. We believe when 2 or more agree in pray.



I have been going through very hard times lately and wondering why God doesn't seem to care. I'm going through a divorce and have the added stress of having to put things on a credit card and was not sure how I was going to handle the extra monthly payment. But God does care! He made the credit card company give me $1,500.00 in credits on the card I had to put new expenses on. I called them sure it wasn't a mistake and that they would put the charges back on and that would cause it to be over the limit but they said since I called and the credits were already processed they could not add them back on. God paid that money for me. Thank you Jesus for showing me you still care. And of course He did it in a way no one would expect.

Pray for Hyrum--about his relationship with his Ex plus his upcoming trip to see his daughter


Hyrum is a wonderful Christian man in his 30s. He's divorced. His Ex (she lives in California but he has moved to Oregon). His Ex has custody of their daughter, age 5. Hyrum faithfully pays child support, working 2 jobs just to make it. Hyrum rents a room from us. He told my husband and I that his Ex is bitter about the divorce. Yet she is the one who had affairs (not just one but many). He had every right to file for divorce. Sadly, Hyrum rarely gets to chat with his daughter on the phone, because his Ex won't answer the phone when she sees who is calling. That's wrong on so many levels. I have good news however. Next weekend Hyrum will get to see his daughter! The meeting place will be Utah--where the Grandparents live. Pray for traveling mercies as Hyrum flies to Utah and back. Pray that his Ex's heart will soften towards him. Dealing with Ex spouses can be awkward, it can be difficult, but with God things will be more tolerable. [Thank you for praying. God bless.]



1-Pray my mother is healed of diabetes. 2-Pray my father is healed of parkinson's disease and has good mobility. 3-Pray a confidential need of mine is met.

GOD'S help and Favor


LORD send all the help we need, the GRANADOS FAMILY. My husband needs employment. Thank You In Jesus Name Amen



Pray my cousin will be saved.

Misc. Prayer Needs


1. Reier is taking a practice test in math on Monday and math is not his subject. He wants to join the Army so bad. If he passes the test on Monday he gets to take the real test Tuesday and join. Please pray about this. That it will happen if God's will. 2. Hyrum has severe back problems. Two surgeries later, he has pain and stiffness. He's in his 30s. Hyrum has a very physical job, which doesn't help matters. Hyrum is engaged to Jenna. Pray for their upcoming marriage. 3. My husband and I fight too much and say words we should not say. We start out with good intentions to get along, but both of us are hard-headed and headstrong, before long are in yet another battle. We had a long talk the other day and things are a bit smoother but there is an underlying tension. We are both Christians. Would you pray for us please?



Pray an unnamed person will have no suicidal thoughts and will also start attending church.



Pray my mother is healed of a baker's cyst and a condition of the sciatic nerve.

Please pray for our finances


Our pickup went in the shop yesterday. Needed a heater core and also had another issue making our Engine Light stay on. It cost us $500 plus the part. Praise God it is fixed now, but this has put a real dent in our finances. We are on a fixed income (Social Security) with little wiggle room. Yes, we saved up money in expectation of having the work done, but it cost more than we thought it would. My husband and I thank the Lord above for His Provision. Thank God for blessings raining down on us from Heaven. Last night we had plumbing problems. The faucet in the tub was spewing water. Not just dripping. It would not turn off. The knob was stripped and would twirl 360 degrees. Phoned the landlord (we rent) and it was late, almost 11 p.m. It was wasting so much water! We needed to get it shut off. Between my husband and a friend and the landlord we got the knobs off and shut the water off out at the street. But that meant we had no water to flush toilets, take showers, etc. Well today it got fixed and water is back on. So glad! Also, a praise report - my friend Priscilla took me to lunch yesterday. We had fun. I don't get out as much any more since retiring. I have mobility issues, can barely walk. So I have become a bit of a recluse. I also do not have my own car. I can drive but no car of my own. My husband's pickup is very high up, hard for me to get in/out of. I am praying for a small economy car for myself. Cheap or free. Thanks for praying. God bless.

Forest fires


My sister and her husband live in Sprague River, Oregon. There was a big fire and many people lost their homes. Julie Moseley lived in the same house for 25 years. Until the fire, she shared it with her daughter, son-in-law and two granddaughters. Julie and her family are okay and they got the horses out of the barn and to safety but everything else was a total loss. My sister spoke with a man who lost everything except his dogs. With tears in his eyes, he vowed to rebuild. Some people had no insurance, and have nowhere to go. Please remember them in prayer. The forest fire season was bad last year and is bad again this year. It is so dry! Thank you for praying.

Single mom needs work!


Hi, I'm really worried and need prayer and God's grace... I'm a single mom of two kids, and I just got a new job. I'm still doing orientation and on the job training. When I got hired, they said I would get 30 hours a week to start. Well, I just talked to my supervisor, and my schedule doesn't even START until Monday, August 4th, and that week I only have 19 hours!!! This will not suffice to pay the bills!! As it is I am afraid of losing my home, my car and my utilities being shut off!! I will go ahead and apply somewhere else, but please pray for me!! I can't be homeless with my kids!! Kind of freaking out here...



PLEASE pray for my mom! She is running a fever and has symptoms of a Urinary Tract Infection. PLEASE pray, in the Name of JESUS, for the fever and infection to leave her body and that she will be restored to total health! Thank you for your prayers!

daughter has very low white blood cell count


Daughter has very low whiteblood cell count. Has had for last 3 weeks. Doctors are very concerned. Please pray the Lord would heal her.