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-PSALM 66:19
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Ex Son in law


Over the past year I've asked for prayer for my ex son-in-law. He cheated and left my daughter for another woman, broke up with her and he's now on his 3rd relationship in a years time. He's never really worked through all the things he did and why he did them. Pretty sure he's bipolar but hasn't gotten the help he needed. He's not happy and has a lot of regret about what he's done. I know he's dating this girl because he doesn't like to be alone. It's for him not for her. She's crazy over him but I'm sure she doesn't know the truth. It's not fair to her for him to use her that way. She's going to end up getting hurt, praying for her. He actually told me he's not happy and feels miserable all of the time. He told me he made a big mistake and still loves my daughter. I'm asking for prayers for the Holy Spirit to convict his heart to turn to God and work out his emotional problems alone (with God's help and help from a counselor). I know that God is using me in his life to show him His love and my unconditional love. Please pray for me and if God wants to keep using me.

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