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-PSALM 66:19
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1. Pray for our friend, a Christian/believer, that he will stop drinking and smoking. He attends church regularly, but sometimes reverts back to his "old lifestyle." Pray that he won't crave alcohol or cigarettes. He does fine for awhile, then goes partying again. When he talks about it, he says it is because he's bored. This same friend is in need of a full time job with benefits. He's in his late 50s and it can be a challenge to find work after you turn 40. He gets Part-Time, Temp Jobs. So that helps. 2. Hyrum is a young man in his late 30s. My husband and I like Hyrum a lot. He's engaged to be married to Jenna. But before that happens, he needs to get his finances in order. He needs a raise or a better paying job just to keep his head above water. He works two jobs just to survive. He is falling down from exhaustion. My husband and I recently gave him a $10 gift card to Carl's Jr. with a little note. We wrote in the note that we were praying for him. Also, Hyrum has severe back discomfort. He works a hard, physical job, so that doesn't help. He's had 2 surgeries but remains in constant pain. Pray for Hyrum's healing--not only of his physical body but for his whole life. He is a Christian/believer.

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