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-PSALM 66:19
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Husband needs prayer


Husband tripped on our front porch and all his weight came down on his (right) elbow. Saw his doctor but xrays showed no broken bones. Time went by and that elbow did not heal. It feels like he has loose cartilidge floating around in there. About a year later, when at the gym, he fell again and wouldn't you know it - he came down on that same elbow. Now it's hurting really bad. My husband is 70 but looks and acts 30. He's fit as a fiddle. Has excellent health check ups--blood pressure low, cholesterol low. The doctor (who is 40) says he wishes he was as healthy as Ron is. He has occasional arthritic pain in his shoulder joints and thumb joints, some sinus headaches from time to time. Other than that, no worries. This elbow and arm is giving him fits. He has lost a lot of strength in the (right) arm too, which worries him. Please pray for his healing. Thanks.

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