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-PSALM 66:19
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My husband of 23 years told me that he wants a divorce a month ago. Since then, he and I are living pretty separate lives, but he has told me that he hasn't really decided what he wants, but he isn't sharing much yet. I believe that he is really struggling with a lot of issues. Life has not been perfect, as it often isn't for any of us, but I think he is looking at his problems and believes that if he leaves me, they will somehow disappear. We have had a lot of problems with our youngest daughter, who has gotten into some minor legal trouble, moved out and up until Friday, we weren't sure she was going to finish the alternative school that she had to attend. We have 5 children who are now all grown, our 2 college students have come home this week, but will be leaving for a new job and a mission trip. I truly feel that he is directing his frustration with life, struggles with his job and many other things at me. I love him very much and want to fix our marriage. He is a good man but in the past 6 months he has become very withdrawn, irritable and just not the person that he has been in the past. Please pray that he would remember that his life is with his family. That I have the strength to continue to love him even when he isn't very loving of himself and that I can show him that he is losing far more than he is gaining by leaving our family. Thank you!

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