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-PSALM 66:19
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Misc. prayer needs


1- Randy needs a full time job with benefits. He's divorced, 58, and longs to meet a Christian woman to love and marry. Pray he'll get his life together so that can happen. 2- Hyrum needs prayer for his finances too, so he can make rent and pay bills. Also, Hyrum works a hard physical job and has fused vertibraes in his back. He's in constant pain. Please pray for his healing. Hyrum is engaged (no date yet). Pray for Hyrum and Jenna, to be happy, and for their salvation. 3- Praise Report! My husband and I are thankful for all our blessings. Lord thank you! Ron does handyman work and mowing. We are both on Soc. Security. Last week Ron made $145/day x 4 days plus a gas allowance. It really helped us. Our dog Samson had to see the Vet and that cost $305. Praise God it was not cancer or anything. It was a huge abcess. He also had an ear infection and problems with his eyes. 4- Pray about a job my husband is finishing up today. Big job! Working on a roof on a 9 x 12 outdoor shed. It's taking a long time, he's got many hours in. The woman has not paid him anything yet. Supposed to pay him at the end. Ron brought in our friend Randy. He has carpentry knowledge. Ron was going to pay Randy as a Sub-Contractor. It was so the job would go quicker and, sometimes it takes 2 for a job. Ron is hoping Kathy (the client) will pay Randy for his hours and Ron for his hours separate. But initially she only hired Ron so he is not sure. Please pray about it.

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