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-PSALM 66:19
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Misc. prayer needs


1.Randy needs to stop drinking, smoking. 2. We need to find the right person to rent a room in our home (we rent 2 rooms out). We interviewed Michael and liked him immediately. But he has full custody of his 7 yr. old son, Boston. Boston is well behaved, courteous and polite. Extremely smart for his age too. If it were just Michael, no problem. But we have concerns about his son being here all the time. What if Boston gets into things? Worse yet, what if he gets hurt? In our Garage (next to the room they'd rent) he could turn on a saw and cut his hand off. Or, he could let our dog out in the street. She's not trained to stay and could get run over or dog-napped. We told Michael we need to meet with him again to chat soon. The day Michael and his son came by for the interview I fixed lunch for us all and we got along beautifully. Michael is an awesome, attentive dad. A christian man, has had same job 5 yrs. Works for First Presbyterian -- a large church. Michael has no car but our home is near a bus stop. He and Boston use bus/train and ride bikes. We love kids. My husband drove school bus for 16 yrs. and is a retired Pastor. I adore kids, however, I am disabled and don't have the energy to "babysit" the boy. We are not sure Michael and Boston are a good fit. They love the room and who wouldn't. It's very large, newly painted, new drapes, comes completely furnished, has lots of storage, fenced yard in back with lawn. Our home is close to everything (stores, banks, cafes).

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