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-PSALM 66:19
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Misc. prayer needs


1- Our friend Hyrum (divorced, 38) needs prayer for his finances and traveling mercies for his trip to Utah. He's excited because he will get to see his daughter (who is 5). Pray about his relationship with his Ex to smooth out. She's bitter and mean! He tries to call his daughter (the Ex and his daughter live in another state) but her mom won't answer the phone, when she sees who is calling. Hyrum faithfully pays $975 a month in child support -- seems pretty high for one child -- and it's not right how he's being treated. His Ex was unfaithful! Hyrum was the one wronged. Please pray that God will soften his Ex wife's heart. Hyrum is engaged now to Jenna. Pray for their relationship and the upcoming wedding. Jenna (a widow) has 2 boys age 2 and 13. 2- Our friend Randy (divorced, 58) needs prayer for a closer walk with the Lord, for his finances, to get benefits through his job (praise the Lord he has a full time job now) and that he'll meet a sweet Christian woman to marry. 3- My husband and I need prayer for our marriage and finances. Also, we want to give a shout of praise for all our Blessings. Thanks.

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