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-PSALM 66:19
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Misc. Prayer Needs


1 - Randy needs a full time job w/benefits. He works in the building construction industry. Sometimes he works awhile then they say we have no work. It's hard to pay rent and bills. Also, Randy has been struggling with backsliding/partying. He's been a Christian many years, attends church each week, reads his Bible. But he gets bored and goes drinking and partying. He knows it's wrong and later feels guilty! Pray for him to have the Victory, in Jesus' Name. Randy's 58 and divorced. We think boredom is 99.99 percent the culprit. He told us he's looking into joining a small group at his church. 2 - Hyrum has a bad back. Also, he's having legal woes and has consulted an Attorney to get his Ex wife to let him speak to his daughter on the phone. When he calls, the Ex won't answer, knowing it's him. She is being very difficult. He pays child support faithfully. He and his Ex live in separate states; after the break up he came here to go to school and find work. Sadly, he doesn't see his little daughter much. 2 months ago she and her Mom flew to Utah to visit the grandparents and when he heard of it so booked a flight and saw his daughter. (Sorry I don't remember her name). His daughter is 5. What is so strange is the Ex wife treats him like a dog yet she is the one who was unfaithful, not once but many times. He had every right to divorce her. Now that her Cash Cow gone, she lashes out at Hyrum every chance she gets. Lastly, pray for Hyrum's salvation please. Most important of all!

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