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-PSALM 66:19
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Misc. prayer needs


1 - My son Jim, his wife Breanne and their kids Abrielle, Josanna and Mekiah are all sick,probably have flu. Breanne is a real trooper, cleaning up after everyone. Please pray for her to have extra strength. She's amazing and I am proud of her. 2 - Randy needs a full time job with benefits. Randy rents a room from us and his job that he has now is not stable. He works awhile then off 2 to 3 weeks. Works again, but by then behind on his bills. Even while working he can barely pay rent. As of Oct. 1 we have the 2nd room available that we can rent out. Hyrum rented that room since mid-Dec. and he was the perfect renter. Rarely here, paid rent on time, never used the kitchen -- not one time, super quiet, very clean. We were blessed. Pray for us to find a renter on Oct. 1 that fits in well with our situation. My husband and I are retired so we are home a lot. We need a renter who works and not here all the time. Thanks.

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