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-PSALM 66:19
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Misc. Prayer Needs


1) Priscilla has a birthday today. Priscilla is a sweet soul--kind, thoughtful, and generous. She has physical ailments that make it hard for her to walk. She broke her hip awhile back and I don't think it healed properly. She also has problems with her feet. Priscilla has been so good to my husband and I. We ask that you pray for her to be blessed beyond measure on this her 76th birthday. 2) Sandi is having bad financial problems. She's not only a prayer warrior and godly woman, she's our friend--very sweet, kind and giving. Pray for her to be blessed and that her husband and teen daughter will find and follow Jesus. 3) My youngest son Jim and his family are on a weekend in the mountains, camping out and using an inflatable boat with a small motor on the lake (high mountain lake, very cold lake). I told my son to be sure to use life jackets. He and his wife have kids age 11, 5 1/2 and 6 1/2. Please put in extra prayers for their safety. The reason I get real nervous about this is, many years ago my 6 year old daughter drowned in a (similar) mountain lake. She was not in a boat, but swimming in a roped in swimming area with at least 50 people in the swim place. I was right there on the shore, watching the youngest, 2 at the time. She drowned in an instant. It was awful. And even after all these years it is hard to think about. She was my only daughter. Please pray for Guardian Angels to watch over my son and his family. Thanks.

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