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-PSALM 66:19
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1. My husband and I met a man today who has Shingles. He did not tell us his name, but God knows. The man was in excrutiating pain. Please pray for him! 2. Pray for my husband and I, for our Marriage, for Fruits of the Spirit, to only say kind words, words that build up. Today we had a good day. We can do this, with God's help. Pray for God to put on the whole armor of God on us. And pray for our Finances, our health. For wisdom and discernment. Thank you. 3. Pray for Jammie, she was a victim of spousal abuse (physical). She got away from him. She and the kids moved to another city. Yet her husband keeps calling and trying to get back with her. I think alcohol is his problem. I realize marriage should be honored, yet sometimes it is not best to stay in a union like this. Pray for her please. Jammie had not been to church in 2 yrs. Praise God she went this weekend. Jammie has neurological things going on due to an injury. Has a dr. appointment this week. She told my sister that a huge vase fell on her head. However, I wonder if her husband hit her. However it happened, she needs to get healed. She has shaking hands. I don't know her age. She is a friend of my sisters and I've not met her. My sister just asked me to pray for Jammie and I mailed her a Christian packet filled with Bible verses, inspirational quotes, pictures of Christ, etc. I laminated all the pages. I think it turned out good. Hope it touched her heart. I love encouraging my sisters and brothers in the Lord.

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