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-PSALM 66:19
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Misc. prayer needs


1. My grand-daughter, Josanna, is 7. She's a sweetheart but at times can be a handful. She keeps her parents hopping. She has a brother (14) and a sister (9). Today Josanna got in trouble for bothering things that were not hers then lying to her parents. Please pray for her. She is in a Christian home. She was adopted at age 7 months, from Ethiopia. My son and his wife have given her a home and experiences that she would not have had otherwise. She's a beautiful girl full of life and we love her. Thx for praying. 2. Please pray for our health. Satan is attacking on us big time. I am 66, husband is 73. Also we need prayer for finances. Trying to get out of Debt. 3. Please pray Denise and Debra's older sister, who is in the hospital very ill. She has Leukemia. 4. Please pray for Desiree, my sister's grand-daughter. She is in the Army, deployed to Indonesia for 7 months. Very dangerous over there for numerous reasons. Thx for praying. 5. Ariel just moved from the East Coast to the West Coast to take a new job. He also is taking (online) college classes. He rents a room from us. He's a really neat young man (26). Pray for his salvation. He believes in God not not really a Christian/Believer. Pray for his finances, a sound mind (he has depression issues) plus he just broke off his engagement to his Fiancee. They had been together 3+ years. Ariel is going through a lot and your prayers are needed. Thanks!

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