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-PSALM 66:19
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My daughter


My 15 year old daughter wrote a suicide note and walked out of school last week. She's been hospitalized since and doesn't want to face life. She has had various issues for about 2 years and is very susceptible to peer pressure. This episode was sparked by 2 friends cutting badly and threatening suicide it the few days before she did it. They keep wanting to send her home but then she says she is suicidal and so they have to keep her. We can't tell if she truly has bad thoughts or is faking to avoid making up the schoolwork. Please pray for healing for her mind and attitude. Please pray for us to have peace and clarity as we try to sort through all of this. Her grades were all high when she walked out of school, so it is not too hard for her. It's all self image and in her own head. I am begging for God to heal her heart and mind. She is angry and lashing out at all of us. We aren't perfect, but we are her loving family and this all hurts so bad. Thank you!

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