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-PSALM 66:19
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Husband got a lawn care contract today. He'll take care of the yard front and back on a (rental) property owned by a man named Rick. Ron will work tomorrow for about 3 hours, getting it looking real nice because a family is moving in this Saturday. Rick hired my husband to do handyman work in July, on another rental he and his wife own. They were impressed with Ron's work ethic, honesty, integrity. We live on Soc. Security and money is tight, so Ron does handyman work and lawn care to add income to our household. Ron is 70 but praise God he has the strength and stamina to work. I am 63 but disabled. I can't help him much, but I sometimes go along to give moral support/encouragement. Rick told my husband that the fees for the lawn care will be figured in as part of the people's rent. It's possible Ron will get spin off jobs from this one. We know Rick and his wife own 2 rentals but they could have more. Rick said he'll set it up so Ron gets paid direct to our checking account once a month, which is convenient. Praise God for this contract and more contracts to come! Years ago my husband had a lawn care business. It lasted 17 years. He has the knowledge, and as I said, the strength and stamina. He is strong and dedicated. He can outwork a 30 yr. old, and I'm not joking. I'm very proud of him. Please uplift him in prayer to keep going and to be blessed. He's so sweet, so deserving. A mighty man of God.

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