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-PSALM 66:19
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My friend is having very difficult times in her marriage. Her husband drinks too much and that is the main issue yet he tries to make it seem like she needs nerve pills, she is ADD (which she is not). Please pray for her. He is abusive, and now their teenage daughter has picked up the behaviors (not drinking but yelling, screaming, throwing fits, and that is no way to live). My friend is exhausted, never gets much sleep, etc. Another friend hopes for reconciliation of her marriage. Her husband moved out a year ago and they are trying to work things out. They have a 5 yr. old son. She is standing in the gap, trusting God to weld this family back together. Another friend met a guy and she says he's awesome and amazing. She's hoping he is her Soul Mate and Future Husband. She (and he) are leaving it in God's hands. Things are moving slowly but that's okay. Please pray over these matters. I did not give the names of my friends, but God knows. God Bless You. And thank you for praying. ~ A Pastor's Wife

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